Installing a Light Fixture the Easy Way

Got a light fixture you’re planning to replace, or thinking of putting one somewhere new in your home? You have a few options when it comes to light installations. If you have the know-how and the time to do it, you can probably handle installing a light fixture by yourself, or you can have a lighting installation round rock professional handle the job.

If you choose to roll up your sleeves and install the light fixture yourself, try not to sweat it too much. This is a pretty straightforward task that shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

 Kill the Power

Your first step is to kill the power to the current fixture. At the breaker box, find which switch would control power flow to that fixture and cut it. You don’t want any live power flowing through the wires while you’re working, which could pose an electrical shock hazard for you and anyone helping you.

Expose the Fixture

Find the screw that holds the fixture hardware to the ceiling and undo it, allowing the canopy to drop. You can then unscrew the copper, black, and white wires to remove the old fixture.

lighting installation round rock

Put Up a New Bracket if Needed

Depending on how old the original fixture was, you may need to put up some new hardware with which to hold the new light fixture. You will probably be using a mounting bracket that resembles a metal bar to affix the lighting to.

Connect the New Fixture and Power it Up

With your new fixture in hand, connect the wires you disconnected earlier to the new fixture, just as they were before. Make sure the new fixture is attached and connected properly, and then turn the power back on at the breaker. Test it out! Did it work?

If so, you did it! You replaced a light fixture all on your own, saving money and learning a little something in the process. Now there’s a reason to celebrate!